CHAPTER 1: The Welch & Hess Families of Indian Territory

A Diverse Heritage Like many families living on the American frontier, the Welch and Hess families’ lineage and history is somewhat shrouded by the passage of time. Record keeping for frequently migrating individuals over 100 years ago is often scant. But thanks to the Dawes Rolls (, the Native American portion of the family heritageContinue reading “CHAPTER 1: The Welch & Hess Families of Indian Territory”

Prologue: An American Family

By Christopher Rush (Note: I’ve recently decided to begin putting into writing many stories of family history told to me over the years. While this won’t have much interest beyond our immediate family, I thought it was important to preserve as many of these stories as possible as entire generations are passing on. I don’tContinue reading “Prologue: An American Family”