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Stories and Musings by Retired Journalist Christopher Rush

Confessions of the Uncool: Kurt, we hardly knew you

Originally published in The Daily World of Grays Harbor, Wash. on June 10, 2009 I must confess I was not a Nirvana fan while Grays Harbor native Kurt Cobain still walked this earth. This most famous of grunge rock bands burst onto the national music scene a decade too late for me. You see, I…

Grilled salmon, smoked salmon, baked salmon, fried… 

Originally published in The Daily World newspaper of Grays Harbor, Wash. on Sept.13, 2009   Before I visited the Pacific Northwest for the first time, I had never really eaten salmon.Oh sure, I had ordered it from the menu at restaurants back in my native Midwest — things called salmon croquettes, or occasionally a salmon…

Change in the weather

Originally published May 20, 2017 in The World newspaper of Coos Bay, Oregon Note: The following was my last column for The World newspaper. I had already tendered my resignation with a mutually agreed upon departure date. However, once this column appeared in print, and was picked up by a couple of media websites, I…

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