Confessions of the Uncool: Kurt, we hardly knew you

Originally published in The Daily World of Grays Harbor, Wash. on June 10, 2009 I must confess I was not a Nirvana fan while Grays Harbor native Kurt Cobain still walked this earth. This most famous of grunge rock bands burst onto the national music scene a decade too late for me. You see, IContinue reading “Confessions of the Uncool: Kurt, we hardly knew you”

Grilled salmon, smoked salmon, baked salmon, fried… 

Originally published in The Daily World newspaper of Grays Harbor, Wash. on Sept.13, 2009   Before I visited the Pacific Northwest for the first time, I had never really eaten salmon.Oh sure, I had ordered it from the menu at restaurants back in my native Midwest — things called salmon croquettes, or occasionally a salmonContinue reading “Grilled salmon, smoked salmon, baked salmon, fried… “

Change in the weather

Originally published May 20, 2017 in The World newspaper of Coos Bay, Oregon Note: The following was my last column for The World newspaper. I had already tendered my resignation with a mutually agreed upon departure date. However, once this column appeared in print, and was picked up by a couple of media websites, IContinue reading “Change in the weather”

The Middle of Nowhere:

Northwest Oklahoma’s Black Mesa is not on the way to anywhere but worth the trip By Christopher Rush The state of Oklahoma is not generally known for its mountain vistas, but a hidden gem tucked away in the extreme northwest corner of the Panhandle provides a top-rated hiking experience, a near-pristine southwestern landscape and someContinue reading “The Middle of Nowhere:”

Rush and Chapman Families in Oklahoma

By Christopher R. Rush STONEWALL, OKLA. — On Saturday, Aug. 29, 2020, our immediate family — Chris and Sheryl Rush, along with son Evan and his wife Julia, and daughter Elizabeth — took the opportunity to drive to the historic Frisco Cemetery near Stonewall in south-central Oklahoma. This cemetery holds the graves of a handfulContinue reading “Rush and Chapman Families in Oklahoma”